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SSG Gripper Riding Gloves

Economical cool knit cotton riding glove with self-fastening wrist tab. Pimple palm for great grip in all weather. Reinforced in key areas.

I purchased several pairs of these gloves. They arrived quickly in the mail. I am very pleased with the quality and price. We use them as puppeteers to keep a firm grip inside the puppet's mouth. Great item!

CARBON KEVLAR Motorcycle Mesh & Leather Race Gloves

Have you ever wished that gloves had more ventilation! These gloves have just that. They are made of premium quality 0.7 - 1.0 MM cow hide leather and mesh. Leather is use where good grip and durability is needed. Mesh is used where maximum ventilation around hands is needed. Result is an excellent quality pair of gloves that will match any black color jacket or racing suit.
Contain eight air trap which push air around fingers.
Contains comfortable lining.
Scholler Keprotec® with Carbon Kevlar is used on knuckles top for protection against heat and friction.
Extremely comfortable.
Two adjustable Velcro belts with elasticized wrist band makes it very easy to fit.

Men's Leather Driving Gloves

The classic look of a driving glove, with an open back, knuckle cutouts, and perforated leather along the fingers at a very affordable price. An economical approach to hand and palm protection.

Great gloves for the price. Well made and good fit, but they do leave washable black stains on your hands the first several times you wear them.

  • Leather Gloves Online Style Number: RS6738
  • Elasticized wrist for a snug fit
  • Snap wrist closure
  • Open knuckles on the back of the hand

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Satin Opera Gloves Red White or Black 23 inches Long

Elegant 23" long stretch satin gloves. One size. Great for evening wear, complete a costume or to complement lingerie...
Am very pleased with the gloves. They are quality. Received them quickly. Would definately do business with this company again.

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Cycling Glove

The Pearl Izumi P.R.O. is an excellent choice if you want a glove that offers maximum ventilation with optimal padding for long rides, commuting, and training in moderate to warm weather. On the P.R.O. the honeycomb molded, rubber padding ventilates directly to the palm of the hand, so that moisture has an opportunity to escape and doesn't just absorb into the padding. The U-Bridge padding configuration alleviates pressure on ulnar and medial nerves, helping prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis from frequent riding. The durable nylon mesh backing on the glove provides great protection from injury and optimal ventilation. This is a great glove, providing optimum comfort for the rider who puts many miles on his bike.
Like all Pearl Izumi products the P.R.O. Cycling Glove has a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, that excludes failures from accidents, misuse, improper care, or normal wear. For best results Pearl Izumi recommends washing its products with detergents free of additives, such as fabric softeners and perfumes, because detergents with additives leave "surfactants" behind on a fabric's fibers that inhibit the technical performance. Hang dry the product or dry it on a low or warm dryer setting. Never use a hot dryer setting or use a commercial dryer as this will damage the fabric's performance.

  • P.R.O. Cycling Gloves by Pearl Izumi are fingerless and offer maximum ventilation from the palm and back of hand for warm to moderate weather riding
  • Honeycomb molded rubber padding ventilates directly to the palm of the hand
  • Durable nylon mesh fabric provides maximum ventilation from back of hand
  • U-Bridge padding configuration alleviates pressure on ulnar and medial nerves
  • Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

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Pearl Izumi Attack Cycling Glove

Stretchy and breathable polyurethane palm combines wind and water resistance with long lasting comfort - perfect for long or short rides. Gel inserts have been placed in a U-bridge configuration to protect the ulnar and median nerves while absorbing shock and eliminating vibration. CoolMax mesh upper manages moisture. Microfleece thumb absorbs sweat from your brow. Reflective logos enhance visibility. Velcro closure gives you a secure fit.

Gloves have become a real sore issue with me, because unlike my mid-'80's vintage leather gloves with a knit cotton back, the bicycling gloves today are all made of synthetic materials that seem to be chosen for the lowest cost, rather than function. I threw my 80's glove away as I never did wear them out. Big mistake!!! Don't get me wrong, my Kevlar wakeboarding gloves are all synthetic too and are absolutely bomb-proof, but turn any glove inside out these days and you will see a dozen little snippets of polyurethane "cloth" sewn together with horrific workmanship padded by stuff you put between your camper shell and pickup bed.

  • Dense, U-bridge padding and Coolmax� mesh offer comfort for short or long rides
  • Coolmax� mesh on back of hand keeps your hands cool and dry
  • U-Bridge padding alleviates pressure on both the ulnar and medial nerves
  • Reflective logos

Unlined Women's Driving Gloves by ISOTONER

Unlined Women's Driving Gloves by ISOTONER. These stretch gloves offer exceptional fit and flexibility. Made from spandex with LYCRA for a contoured fit that looks and feels great. Note the genuine leather palm strips that improve grip and extend wear. Your hands won't slip on the steering wheel. Although unlined, the stretch fabric is specially treated to repel rain and snow so your hands stay dry and warm. One size fits most. Comes in the following fashion colors: Black, Brown, Red, Navy, Oyster, Charcoal & Camel. For a larger view, click the picture(s).

These gloves help protect my hands from the harsh west texas sun. I love these gloves--have worn them in the past....thanks for a great product.

  • genuine leather palm strips
  • Your hands won't slip on the steering wheel
  • repels rain and snow so your hands stay dry and warm

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